Welcome to the website that will discuss classic Ford cars. Here, you will find information on many Ford cars, from the famous Model T to the multiple versions of the Mustang, including Shelby Mustangs.

You may not know that the origins of the Ford Motor Company are deeply rooted in racing cars and motorsports. Henry Ford showed an engineering talent from an early age. He moved to Detroit when he was 16 and worked at various mechanical and manufacturing shops for about a decade. He then got married and started working as an engineer for Edison Illuminating Corporation. His first engines were his side projects.

Henry Ford built his first car in a shed. When the car was finished, he realised that the shed door was too small for the car to get out and had to destroy a part of the wall of the shed.

His side projects attracted the attention of wealthy investors and Detroit Automobile Co. was born in 1899. However, Henry Ford left the company several years later because his investors were not happy that he was building racing cars and focusing on racing. One of Ford’s first racing cars, called 999, set a record for going one-mile on a circular track in under a minute.

Before introducing Ford Model T to the mass market, Henry Ford created a number of cars, including Model K and Model A.

In the 1960s, it was Lee Lacocca who realised that Americans coming home from the World War II developed a taste for small sporty cars. This is how the Mustang was born in 1964. On this website, you will find information about all these and other classic Ford cars.