In 1922, after seeing much success with Model T, Henry Ford purchased Lincoln Motor Corporation for $8 million. He bought the company from Henry M. Leland and his son. Leland was the person who was in charge of Henry Ford’s first company after Ford left because the investors were not happy with him being more interested in racing cars than mass-market cars at the time. Leland turned the company into a really successful enterprise and left it after he and his boss, William Durant, had a disagreement.

Lincoln Model L was introduced to the market in 1920. The machine was a mechanical piece of art. It had a V8 engine with 81 horsepower and a top speed of 70 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the exterior of the car was somewhat dated. Its introduction to the market also happened during the post-war recession, which is why the car didn’t became very popular.

When Lincoln became a part of Ford Motor Company, the styling, engineering, and mechanics of the cars kept improving and Lincoln eventually became profitable. Ford hired some of the best coach design companies to create beautiful cars. The list of companies included Brunn, Judkins, Dietrich, and LeBaron.

Ford Motor Company introduced the famous Lincoln greyhound radiator ornament in 1928. Model L 1929 version could reach a speed of 90 miles per hour. Eventually, it was replaced with Model K that had engines ranging from a 120 horsepower V8 to 150 horsepower V12.

Ford introduced Model A in 1927. The car was supposed to replace Model T but in 1927, Chevrolet surpassed Ford as the biggest car manufacturer in the country. The companies kept competing for many years and still compete today. Ford Motor Company has successfully survived the Great Depression and started its Mercury division in 1938. The division was shut down in 2011. Henry Ford, the man who created the company and was its visionary for many years, died in 1947.