Henry Ford was born in the state of Michigan in 1863. He showed an inclination towards mechanical things early in his life. He moved to Detroit, which was a large thriving manufacturing city at the time, at the age of 16. There, he worked for close to a decade in a variety of manufacturing shops. He met and married his wife in 1888 and became an engineer from Edison Illuminating Corporation. On the side, he built and started testing a gasoline engine. He built the first Ford car in a small shed. After the car was completed, the door of the shed was not big enough to let the car out of the shed, which is why Ford had to rip off a part of the wall of the shed.

Ford’s experiments started attracting the attention of various business people and manufacturers. In 1899, a group of successful Detroit businessmen, including Detroit Mayor William C. Maybury, showed interest in what Ford was doing. This resulted in the formation of Detroit Automobile Corporation with Henry Ford serving as its superintendent. In 1901, the corporation built a racing vehicle. The investors were more interested in regular cars than racers, which is why angry Ford left the company. The business later became Cadillac Automobile Corporation. Ford continued building racing cars for several years and set a record with a car named 999. The vehicle became the first car on the planet to go one mile in less than one minute.

Ford Motor Corporation was established on June 16, 1903. Ford created model A just one month later. The car had a 2-cylinder engine with 8 horsepower. Ford introduced model C in 1904. Model K made its debut in 1905.

Model T had an engine with 4 cylinders and 20 horsepower. The company introduced the car in 1908. The car was intended for mass consumption. It turned Ford and Ford Motor Company a household name. Over 15 million Model T cars were sold during its years of production.